A Patient’s Cataract Surgical Journey

Pendse Patient

Eye Associates of Bucks County (EABC) has been a leader in cataract surgery in the Bucks County area for over 40 years. They use the latest technology and lenses to improve and preserve sight. Their primary goal is to improve each patient’s quality of life while making them less dependent on glasses.

A recent patient and former physician at the practice, Dr. Stuart Hirsch, MD, chose EABC because of his professional and personal experience with Dr. Pendse. He also based his decision to get cataract surgery on patient referrals and the outstanding reputation of EABC in the Langhorne community. Before surgery Dr. Pendse provided Dr. Hirsch with a wealth of information regarding the procedure (pre and post), recovery, expected results, and lens options. With his guidance, Dr. Hirsch chose to have cataract surgery on both eyes using a monofocal lens focusing on clear vision at one distance.

As Dr. Hirsch discussed his recent surgery experience, he noted, “Dr. Pendse and the staff at EABC made me comfortable with my choices for the surgery. He provided key recommendations to help me make the best decisions.” He also reports that the surgery has been a phenomenal success and that he has not seen so well in several years. When asked if he had any regrets, Dr. Hirsch states, “My days are so much brighter and clearer, and I wish I had done this when Dr. Pendse first recommended the surgery several years ago.”

The EABC physicians dedicate themselves to protecting, improving, and preserving eye health for each patient. At Eye Associates of Bucks County, Dr. Pendse and his fellow physicians believe that every decision should be informed and personal. If you would like to be involved with making an informed decision about your eye health, call Eye Associates of Bucks County at (833) 921-6200 or click here  to schedule an appointment.

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