Mission Statement:

Center for Advanced Eye Care is committed to providing the utmost quality for patients requiring surgical and medical care for their vision conditions.  We are caring, accomplished physicians who practice with a passion for educating our patients on managing their condition.  Each patient is provided treatment options, which provides a solution that matches their life’s journey.

Core Value and Beliefs:

Center for Advanced Eye Care believes in understanding a patient’s health by listening to their needs and providing all the available medical treatments to help them live a satisfying life. Helping our patients protect, improve, and preserve eye health and being here through each step of the journey.

We believe our patients are best served by having access to state-of-the-art techniques to provide the best possible vision outcome.  Well-respected and trusted throughout the community by both patients and doctors alike, we have a reputation for delivering the highest quality care in a professional and compassionate environment.

Through teamwork and collaboration with partnering optometrists, we deliver these outcomes with kindness, respect, and understanding of each patients’ needs.

Vision Statement:

Center for Advanced Eye Care is a dedicated team focused on enhancing and preserving our patients’ vision.  We are committed to providing best-in-class care while driving a thriving, sustainable culture for patients, doctors, staff, communities, everyone we touch.

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