An Evolution in Visual Freedom. Meet the EVO ICL!

Today, there are quite a few options for vision correction, with LASIK surgeries being one of the more popular procedures offered. Many of these procedures promise improved vision, but few can match the quality and feature set of top LASIK alternative, EVO ICL (EVO).

What is EVO ICL?

Some people incorrectly refer to the ICL in EVO ICL as “Implantable Contact Lens,” but the correct term is “Implantable Collamer Lens.” Collamer is a technologically advanced lens material created by EVO ICL’s parent company, STAAR Surgical.

Thanks to the collagen base in Collamer, EVO ICL’s intraocular lenses are biocompatible with your body and work in harmony with your natural eye, in stark contrast to the more invasive LASIK procedure. Some of Collamer’s advantages include its anti-reflective properties and UV protection.

EVO ICL only takes 20-30 minutes in an outpatient setting. Before the procedure, you’ll receive topical anesthetic drops to reduce discomfort. Once the drops have taken effect, your doctor will create a small opening for EVO ICL lens insertion. The lens is folded and loaded in a small cartridge. As the lens is injected, it gently unfolds in your eye. The best part is improvement in vision generally follows very quickly.

Ideal candidates are:
  • Between the ages of 21 and 45
  • Seeking treatment for nearsightedness (with or without astigmatism)
  • Stable in their current prescription for at least one year
  • Not currently pregnant or nursing
Benefits Of The EVO ICL:
  • Can correct/reduce nearsightedness for a wide range of vision, including patients with prescriptions up to -20 diopters and astigmatism up to 4.0 D
  • Provides excellent night vision
  • Suitable for patients with dry eye concerns
  • Great for patients with thin corneas, who may not be candidates for other vision correction procedures
  • Designed for permanent vision correction, but removable by your doctor
  • Has natural UV protection
  • Once in place, you will not be able to feel or see the lens

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Interested in learning more about vision correction with the EVO Visian ICL Lens? A screening appointment is the best way to start the process and learn more about your vision correction options. Click here to schedule an appointment.

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